AGContacts changelog

AGContacts is the successor program aContact+++ Next. The history of the development of the product starts after last public version of aContact+++ Next – v3.0.60921.5750.

calendar_currentRecent changes the current public version of the program


– for “Dialing rules” for the Mask field added support for a combination of two characters ** to specify a symbol * (one character * – a mask of any number of symbols)
– for “Dialing rules” added support for a special format of the numbers used by Russian Railways (number format: *digits)
– in the “Initial setting” dialog (Menu -> “Initial setting”) made new icons for all options
– in the “Initial setting” dialog added the options “Select theme from built-in catalog”, “Select theme from online catalog”, “Change color palette of theme”, “Change theme for Settings”
… a number of other changes …

calendar_doneFull history of changes of the program versions

Full history of changes of the versions of the program AGContacts