AGContacts changelog

AGContacts is the successor program aContact+++ Next. The history of the development of the product starts after last public version of aContact+++ Next – v3.0.60921.5750.

calendar_currentRecent changes the current public version of the program


– “Direct call” subsystem is now disabled by default (you can enable it via Menu -> “Initial setting” -> “Direct call” or “Settings” -> “Calls” -> “Direct call” -> “Direct call for selected number”)
– added support for animation of expanding/collapsing the dial pad keyboard on clicks and gestures
– added a new option “Enable expand/collapse animations for dial pad” (“Settings” -> “User interface” -> “Dialpad”)
– significantly improved the work and expanded the settings of the subsystem “Visual hints”
– added a new subsection of the settings “Visual hints” in the section “User interface” (“Settings” -> “User interface”)
– existing options for “Visual hints” subsystem moved in the “Visual hints” subsection
– added new options in the “Visual hints” subsection for enabling/disabling visual hints for the top menu, the dial pad keyboard and the lower menu
– added new options in the “Visual hints” subsection to enable/disable visual hints for long tap, gestures and lack of action (hint about all available actions)
– a visual hint about all available actions is now displayed with a 1 second delay when you return your finger to the starting position before the next gesture, shift or stopping pressing
– now visual hints for gestures do not follow directly behind the finger as before, but move in the direction of the gesture while maintaining the position vertically or horizontally
– added new option “Follow the finger” in the “Visual hints” subsection, when enabled, visual prompts will behave “as before”
… a number of other changes …

calendar_doneFull history of changes of the program versions

Full history of changes of the versions of the program AGContacts