AGContacts changelog

AGContacts is the successor program aContact+++ Next. The history of the development of the product starts after last public version of aContact+++ Next – v3.0.60921.5750.

calendar_currentRecent changes the current public version of the program


– now AGContacts asks you to install itself as the default phone app (From January 9, 2019, in accordance with the new rules of Google Play access to the call log and making outgoing calls are only possible for the program that is assigned by the default phone app)
– now the target resolution xxhdpi (480 dpi) is used for graphic backgrounds in PNG/JPEG format (as for PNG.9)
– improved display of changes of the “List item group” background in the preview window in Settings (“Settings” -> “Theme” -> “Customize current theme” -> “Base backgrounds” -> “Lists”)
– fixed entry to the “Advanced Settings” for the “Quick Call” widgets for new versions of Android
– added a new action “Disable filtering by groups”
– added Ukrainian translation (many thanks to cergor from
– added the pronunciation of the numbers 0-9 and the symbols asterisk and pound when pressing the buttons of the dial pad for the Ukrainian language (many thanks to cergor from
– improved stability of the program
… a number of other changes …

calendar_doneFull history of changes of the program versions

Full history of changes of the versions of the program AGContacts