AGContacts – best dialer for Android with Dual SIM support

Main features:

1. Basic functions
— 3 main view modes — Contacts, History (Call log) and Favorites
— customizing “on-the-fly” filtering, grouping and sorting of items to display
— customizing “on-the-fly” the sets of fields to display and to search
— fast navigation by alphabet, by dates, by organizations etc
— full-text smart search, fast smart T9 search, voice search and dialing
— detailed information on any contact or phone and full call log on them
– widgets Quick call on your home screen
– automatic support for Talkback service for the visually impaired

2. Additional functions
— dialing rules and formatting rules for user accounts, contacts, numbers and their subsets
— displaying today’s events — birthdays, anniversaries and custom reminders
— support encryption “on-the-fly” for contact’s notes and events — full integration with AGEncryptText
— 58 built-in standard themes and support for custom themes of user interface

3. Settings and options
— customizable colors, fonts, dimensions and other parameters of the user interface
— customizable actions for gestures, clicks and long taps
— customizable size and position of the dial pad on the screen
— total more than 1500 settings

4. Languages and devices
— more than 20 languages for smart T9 search
— 3 user interface language: Russian, English and German
— support for most modern Dual SIM devices with 2 and 3 SIM-cards
— support all sizes, resolutions and orientations of screens

System requirements:

– Android 4.0+
– any screen resolutions and orientations

AGEncryptText – encrypt selected text in any applications

Main features:

1. Encrypt selected text to the secure URL in any application
– get original text from any application to encrypt by using the command “Share” or by using the clipboard
– edit original text and public header
– encrypt original text and send secure URL to any application via the clipboard or through the command “Share”

2. Decrypt original text from the secure URL from any application
— show a secure URL in any application as an public title or a simple URL link
— get secure URL to decrypt the original text from any application by clicking on link or on public title, using a command “Share” or via the clipboard

3. Implementation of encryption and decryption
– AES encryption for original text
– Base64 encoding for public header
– special secure URL format which includes the Protocol, Host, Encrypted original text, Encoded public header and some settings

4. Integration with other programs and support user interface languages
— multi-platform implementation (Android, Windows)
— full integration with programs: aContact+++ Next, AGContacts
— enhanced integration with programs: Evernote, Nimbus Note, Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, GMail, VKontakte, Facebook
— APIs for full integration with other programs
— user interface languages: Russian, English

System requirements:

– Android 4.1+
– any screen resolutions and orientations